Who, What, Where, When and WHY

Hey ya’ll so this first post is a brief introduction and pretty much sums up the basics of what we are doing and why we are doing it! Alongside this blog we have corresponding youtube vlogs and videos- so make sure to check those out as well!!


Who: We are Danny and Britty. Danny is a goofy, energetic and the DREAMER of the relationship. Britty is creative, giggly, and the LOGISTICS. Gotta have balance. Together we made a baby 🙂 His name is Jude and he is the happiest five month old around. He’s hooked on the boob, rolling over like mad, and really likes to listen to the “Jitterbug,” which we’ve coined as the “Jude Bug.” Last but certainly not least is Wy, East. She was what at first made us a family. She is our two year old German Shepherd and she is REALLY REALLY good about 50 % of the time. HAHHAHAA jk, she’s amazing, but high energy and has a mind of her own 😉 Just like her parents I suppose…..

What: We have decided to live in our RV FULL TIME, while pursing a life of full time travel. We really wanna give Jude and any future littles an immersive style of education and living. We believe through travel our family can gain more experiences, collect less things and learn to appreciate all types and walks of life.


Where: We decided that our motto is “the world is our home.” We plan on tackling the entire US and then hopefully the whole world!!

When: With baby Jude we have currently traveled to 27 states and we will picking up
where we left off very soon.


Why: Danny and I are very passionate about raising our family on the road.We also feel there is great importance in understanding the different places of our country and eventually world.  Our goal is to fully immerse ourselves in the different cultures we experience as well as teach our son about all the different walks of life. We plan to give back to the communities we visit by volunteering and striving to understand the needs of the areas we visit. We hope to leave a place better than we found it. Spreading light and positivity is something we want Jude to grow up practicing. Come along for the ride, we are happy your are here!


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