RV Tour

This is our motorhome, named “The Breeze.” It’s a work in progress, but we really really love this space overall and cannot imagine anything else feeling more like home. It’s surprisingly a lot of space, especially with the double bump out in the main living area.
Originally when shopping I was totally fine with one bump, but now having two I am SO glad we have it. It will be really nice with kids to have an open space to play with toys and its also a really great place for me to do yoga!
LIVING ROOM; As seen in the video I hate the green couch. It’s so dated and the cushions are pretty sunken in. I really hope to redo this space with just a comfy chair, and maybe a space for some toys. I would really love this space to be opened up. Realistically we do not NEED two couches….. It has been really useful with guests, however we have the one pull out on the white couch and we have a big blow up mattress that can easily be placed in the living room if we really need another bed. Hopefully in the next few months we will pull the trigger on getting rid of the couch. The white leather couch I did not like in the beginning however with rain and mud and the dog it has been a life saver. A quick wipe with some cleaner and boom its done. It’s so easy to clean!! I have totally changed my opinion on leather;) Our rug makes the living space REALLY homey. It’s originally a target rug that I found at goodwill for $35 which was a steal!!! Having tile floors throughout the RV is awesome and easy to clean, but an area rug makes the living room softer and more cozy.
KITCHEN/DINING; I think this area is the most important when choosing an RV. We spend so much time doing dishes, cooking, prepping, working at the table…etc. The only thing we added to the kitchen was the island and it was our most used purchase to date. It’s SO functional and it easily slides up against the stove area when the slides are in. We purchased the island at IKEA. The other side of the kitchen is the dining area which I’m almost 100% positive is the next renovation project. I REALLY dislike the built in table and cabinetry. We are going to get through the first few months of a newborn and then start back up on the renovations as soon as things settle down.
BATHROOM RENO; This was an extremely budget friendly renovation. We just focused on a few cosmetic basics and with a few small touches it looks like a totally new space! This was the main project this week as you may have seen, and it was a hot mess, which is very US. We wing it a lot, and in return that causes problems haha. Anyway, we took out the upper part of the vanity and light fixture which was mostly easy with the exception of Danny piercing a hole in the ceiling by accident. Then it was onto the sanding, priming and painting. We used KILZ oil based primer and Valspar Reserve extra heavy paint.
Painting was pretty easy considering how small the space is. In place of the old vanity mirror we got a smaller one from Target. I like having more white wall space exposed because it makes it way brighter. Under the vanity we added peel and stick tiles that I ordered off of amazon for $25. They were super easy to apply- just make sure you measure!
We removed the center strip that runs down the center of the wall so the tiles wouldn’t have a bump behind them and that was it! This was a pretty easy aesthetic upgrade and if you don’t want plain white there are plenty of different color and patterned options online. The hung pictures are my favorite part of this area. We have been exploring the seven wonders of Oregon ever since we met and a while ago I started to collect these postcards. We have five out of the seven and I seriously love how they look. The frames were .99 cents at IKEA and are fastened with command strips which work great for any RV wall and keeps frames from moving when driving. We use them throughout our entire RV. The sink portion we will most likely swap out here in the near future. It’s a bit bulky!!!
IMG_3420.jpeg     IMG_3571.jpeg
COMMODE; Ugly, ugly, ugly. HAHAHA not too much to say about this space except for the fact that its functional and the toilet works. All that really matters for now I suppose. Looking forward to someday gutting it and making it fun with some crazy wallpaper??
BEDROOM; I love our bedroom, its so darn cozy!! Having a space to unwind and snuggle up is important in any home. We took off all the window boxes, took out the old headboard, and removed the bed side lamps. We made our headboard with Annie Sloan Chalk paint and we are REALLY happy with how it turned out. We also removed the dresser vanity opposite the bed to make room for a mini crib. This crib is pretty small in comparison to a normal size crib, but it perfectly fits this space leaving just enough room to walk through.
The last update/addition to the bedroom was our washer/dryer combo~ that yes we could get by without, but with a baby we thought it would be a really nice time saver. Time spent at the laundry mat can really add up. We were gifted from Danny’s parents this LG combo. After trying it out we were super pleased with how quiet it was and how well it worked. Our clothes took two and half hours to wash and then dry. It has all the settings that a normal washer and dryer would have which is awesome. I assume if we wash towels and sheets the dry cycle will take closer to the estimated three to three in a half hours that it states in the manual.
The spin cycle did shake the slides a bit, but was fairly minimal and only lasted maybe two or three minutes in total. Like I stated before it is extremely quiet even during the spin cycle which was something I was worried about. We did place anti vibration pads on the bottom to reduce the shaking. Overall this is a very expensive addition, but we feel it will serve us well as a traveling family and give us more time spent together.
IMG_3598.jpegIMG_2700.JPG    IMG_3606.JPG
 That’s  pretty much the whole RV. Do you have any specific questions on anything you read or saw?? Please reach out. As we are figuring out full time RV life we would love to help other people maneuver it as well. It definitely has its quirks and learning curves. Comment below, or reach out to us on instagram @newfamilydream


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