Must have baby items for families on the go!!

So when it comes to tiny living, less stuff is the key! Whatever we own/ purchase I try to make sure its something we will use most days of the week. I also tend to get rid of something even if its small if I buy something new. If something comes into the RV, somethings gotta go out!

With all that being said babies do require things. However I’ve found that they require less things than you think. Baby registries fill up with items, which then clutter your nursery, and how functional are they really? and will you use them past a couple months?

I have been forced, willfully to keep my major baby items and purchases to a select few.  Theres SOOO many baby products and baby companies fighting for your dollars, and its easy to get sucked in to thinking your baby needs it ALL. But they don’t! Does your baby REALLY  need a wipe warmer??? DO they REALLY need a sound machine, blackout blinds, and a whimsical moving night light to sleep? NO. We set the tone for what our babies need when it comes to these added luxuries. So here is my list of my top ten baby items and how we use them in various ways!

  1. The ever trending DOCKATOT. 

This item might be one of our MOST used items. Not only did we use it for co-sleeping in the beginning, but we took it on flights, used it in hotels, in tents, and pretty much anywhere you can imagine your baby might want to sleep. We also put it on our bed for diaper changes, placed in on the kitchen floor while we cooked dinner. The list honestly goes on and on. We now also use it for tummy time! Its a lounger AND a sleeper and it creates a sense of familiarity when we travel for the baby. No matter where we put it, he associates it with home and I think its party the reason we have success with our baby sleeping in random places! This item is definitely on of the more pricier items on this list, but I think its worth EVERY PENNY!

2. A baby carrier of your choice or maybe 2!

Baby carriers are about as crucial to parenthood as coffee is to your survival in those first few weeks. I honestly don’t know how people functioned without them. They make LIFE possible with babies. Now there are a heck of a lot of choices out there to choose from, so my advice is to do your research or buy a used ones to try out different styles. I think every person prefers different ways to wear your baby. For example I like the ergobaby because its got pockets for my phone, wallet and keys and has the back support that I like. My partner on the other hand prefers a forward facing baby b’jorn. There are carriers which switch from front to back  carrying and are hybrids so to speak. They are somewhat a wrap and somewhat a structured carrier.

The wraps come in handy because they double as a blanket when I need a place to lay the baby down. I also use it to change diapers on, because I prefer to not take up diaper bag space with a changing pad. Whatever your needs are, there is a carrier out there for you. I bought all of my carriers used, which ended up costing the same as one brand new one. I suggest doing this, especially if you are unsure on the style that you want. I have one set of hooks in the RV and all of our carries hang there nice and neat and barely takes up any space!

3. A travel system stroller

I think this is probably a given but you do NEED this. It takes any and all complication out of the equation. We love having the babies carseats ability to just click right into the stroller base. Then theres the bassinet attachment which has been how we go out to dinner! The baby can sleep laying down just like at home and mom and dad get to enjoy cocktails and a nice meal! HAPPY!!

The bassinet also turns upright and can face either in or out. Sometimes baby wants to see us, and other times he is ready to look out.

These travel systems can run you A LOT of money. We opted for the most budget friendly one we could find. We ended up getting the Urbini

Whatever brand you go with, just make sure it has all three functions. Upright sitting, bassinet style, and carseat clip in. This is sure to make traveling and carting around baby a breeze!

4.  The WubbaNub

This product is a stuffed animal and the best pacifier in the game. Not all babies like pacifiers but if yours does then this is the best of the best, and its easy for baby to hold onto! Although our little one is starting to fade out of using it, it was a great product to have for these past five months, and at $11.95 its a pretty good buy!


5.  A fold up bathtub

Our RV does not have a tub, so immediately after getting pregnant I started looking at our bathing options. The bloomingbath has been such a great fit. It’s a super soft, foldable insert that you place in your kitchen sink. It folds up nice and small and is easy to travel with. It could easily fit into a carry on bag, and just like that you can bathe baby at the inlaws house, at your beach condo, or wherever you can find a sink basically. This item is super affordable and a great alternative for tiny living!

6. Aquaphor

This stuff is seriously the bees knees. Best diaper rash cream ever! Not just that but it helps with babies cracked lips, dry skin, scrapes or cuts and just about anything skin related. Buy the biggest container you can find!! For real, your gunna love and actually use this stuff.

7.  Sleep Sack

We have two sleep sacks for our babe. One loose cotton one for warmer temps and a fleece one for colder nights. This is the safest way to give baby the feeling of a blanket when sleeping and we use them religiously. Its also a nice way to transition into sleep. As babies develop and start to make associations with things sleep becomes easier. Our baby knows that when the sleep sack goes on its going to be time for bed. Babies as young as three and four months can pick up on these cues. Sleep sacks are relatively inexpensive and take up less space then lots of baby blankets!

8. Bumbo

I like this product for many of the same reasons I like some of the previous products listed, which is its portability. Our baby can play in this seat, as well as eat with the tray attachment. When we feel like eating outside I just bring it out and its seriously so easy. We bring it on road trips, camping trips, and you can even bring it to a friends house when going over for dinner. You can also use it at an airport or in a plane.  As you may have realized I love products that can incorporate baby into MY everyday life. Products that allow me to do the things I love but with baby in tow.

These eight items have truly helped us adjust to parenthood all while making the things we love to do easy and accessible!! What else can you ask for??

Know of any other products that work well with a tiny home, minimalistic lifestyle and or a traveling family? Comment below! Id love to hear from you!




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