Cloth Diapering with Tidy Tots

Whats up with cloth diapering???

All of my pregnancy I was curious about using cloth diapers but ultimately was afraid of the process. I also assumed that RV living, camping and traveling would make cloth diapering even harder. I WAS WRONG!!!!

We have chosen to use a brand called Tidy Tots. Now there are A LOT of cloth diaper choices out there, and when you are choosing I would suggest really digging into the claims and characteristics of all the different types and what they offer.


First off Tidy Tots has some awards which I think are a great place to start!

  • They hold the “Mom’s Choice Award” in excellence
  • Baby Maternity Magazine voted them best and most eco friendly product of 2018
  • Baby Maternity also voted them best product choice in 2017

After using them I can totally get behind these claims. WHY?

I think mainly because of the flushable liner. Now if your new to cloth diapering and are like whats she talking about, Im about to explain.

The organic diaper is protected by a ” Flushie” liner and snaps right into the hard working cover. Flushies contain the mess so you can just flush it all away in the toilet. It’s simple and convenient. This feature for me totally takes the ick out of cloth diapering!!!!

Another claim they make is that their diapers reduce diaper rash because the liner is made with cornstarch which is a natural skin soother. Well they were right, we struggled with diaper rash basically until we switched, but now Judes bum is soft, smooth and totally rash free.

Lastly, the washing is simple and quick. The liner takes most of the hit, so I just put all the diapers in the provided washbag and throw them in the washer on sanitize and thats it!


We have taken them camping, hiking, long drives and just about anywhere your baby could go with you! ahaha

Cloth Diapering at 8,000 feet 

Check out this video ^^^^ for actual footage of us hiking with Tidy Tots!!

If you are interested in trying out Tidy Tots, use my code JUDE at checkout for 15% off your Essential set order. This is a great value and I cant say enough good things! These diapers are a total game changer and have saved our family already hundreds of dollars.

****The last thing I want to mention about this company is how they operate. They employ people with special needs to manufacture their product!!! Is that not the coolest thing you’ve ever heard?? When you purchase Tidy Tots, individuals who might not otherwise have jobs get to use their hands, work, and feel like they are included in our societies work force. I truly salute this brand for such an amazing manufacturing platform.

More Info on Tidy Tots


Thanks, xoxoxo

-B @NewFamily Dream


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