Must have baby items for families on the go!!

So when it comes to tiny living, less stuff is the key! Whatever we own/ purchase I try to make sure its something we will use most days of the week. I also tend to get rid of something even if its small if I buy something new. If something comes into the RV, somethings gotta go out!

With all that being said babies do require things. However I’ve found that they require less things than you think. Baby registries fill up with items, which then clutter your nursery, and how functional are they really? and will you use them past a couple months?

I have been forced, willfully to keep my major baby items and purchases to a select few.  Theres SOOO many baby products and baby companies fighting for your dollars, and its easy to get sucked in to thinking your baby needs it ALL. But they don’t! Does your baby REALLY  need a wipe warmer??? DO they REALLY need a sound machine, blackout blinds, and a whimsical moving night light to sleep? NO. We set the tone for what our babies need when it comes to these added luxuries. So here is my list of my top ten baby items and how we use them in various ways!

  1. The ever trending DOCKATOT. 

This item might be one of our MOST used items. Not only did we use it for co-sleeping in the beginning, but we took it on flights, used it in hotels, in tents, and pretty much anywhere you can imagine your baby might want to sleep. We also put it on our bed for diaper changes, placed in on the kitchen floor while we cooked dinner. The list honestly goes on and on. We now also use it for tummy time! Its a lounger AND a sleeper and it creates a sense of familiarity when we travel for the baby. No matter where we put it, he associates it with home and I think its party the reason we have success with our baby sleeping in random places! This item is definitely on of the more pricier items on this list, but I think its worth EVERY PENNY!

2. A baby carrier of your choice or maybe 2!

Baby carriers are about as crucial to parenthood as coffee is to your survival in those first few weeks. I honestly don’t know how people functioned without them. They make LIFE possible with babies. Now there are a heck of a lot of choices out there to choose from, so my advice is to do your research or buy a used ones to try out different styles. I think every person prefers different ways to wear your baby. For example I like the ergobaby because its got pockets for my phone, wallet and keys and has the back support that I like. My partner on the other hand prefers a forward facing baby b’jorn. There are carriers which switch from front to back  carrying and are hybrids so to speak. They are somewhat a wrap and somewhat a structured carrier.

The wraps come in handy because they double as a blanket when I need a place to lay the baby down. I also use it to change diapers on, because I prefer to not take up diaper bag space with a changing pad. Whatever your needs are, there is a carrier out there for you. I bought all of my carriers used, which ended up costing the same as one brand new one. I suggest doing this, especially if you are unsure on the style that you want. I have one set of hooks in the RV and all of our carries hang there nice and neat and barely takes up any space!

3. A travel system stroller

I think this is probably a given but you do NEED this. It takes any and all complication out of the equation. We love having the babies carseats ability to just click right into the stroller base. Then theres the bassinet attachment which has been how we go out to dinner! The baby can sleep laying down just like at home and mom and dad get to enjoy cocktails and a nice meal! HAPPY!!

The bassinet also turns upright and can face either in or out. Sometimes baby wants to see us, and other times he is ready to look out.

These travel systems can run you A LOT of money. We opted for the most budget friendly one we could find. We ended up getting the Urbini

Whatever brand you go with, just make sure it has all three functions. Upright sitting, bassinet style, and carseat clip in. This is sure to make traveling and carting around baby a breeze!

4.  The WubbaNub

This product is a stuffed animal and the best pacifier in the game. Not all babies like pacifiers but if yours does then this is the best of the best, and its easy for baby to hold onto! Although our little one is starting to fade out of using it, it was a great product to have for these past five months, and at $11.95 its a pretty good buy!


5.  A fold up bathtub

Our RV does not have a tub, so immediately after getting pregnant I started looking at our bathing options. The bloomingbath has been such a great fit. It’s a super soft, foldable insert that you place in your kitchen sink. It folds up nice and small and is easy to travel with. It could easily fit into a carry on bag, and just like that you can bathe baby at the inlaws house, at your beach condo, or wherever you can find a sink basically. This item is super affordable and a great alternative for tiny living!

6. Aquaphor

This stuff is seriously the bees knees. Best diaper rash cream ever! Not just that but it helps with babies cracked lips, dry skin, scrapes or cuts and just about anything skin related. Buy the biggest container you can find!! For real, your gunna love and actually use this stuff.

7.  Sleep Sack

We have two sleep sacks for our babe. One loose cotton one for warmer temps and a fleece one for colder nights. This is the safest way to give baby the feeling of a blanket when sleeping and we use them religiously. Its also a nice way to transition into sleep. As babies develop and start to make associations with things sleep becomes easier. Our baby knows that when the sleep sack goes on its going to be time for bed. Babies as young as three and four months can pick up on these cues. Sleep sacks are relatively inexpensive and take up less space then lots of baby blankets!

8. Bumbo

I like this product for many of the same reasons I like some of the previous products listed, which is its portability. Our baby can play in this seat, as well as eat with the tray attachment. When we feel like eating outside I just bring it out and its seriously so easy. We bring it on road trips, camping trips, and you can even bring it to a friends house when going over for dinner. You can also use it at an airport or in a plane.  As you may have realized I love products that can incorporate baby into MY everyday life. Products that allow me to do the things I love but with baby in tow.

These eight items have truly helped us adjust to parenthood all while making the things we love to do easy and accessible!! What else can you ask for??

Know of any other products that work well with a tiny home, minimalistic lifestyle and or a traveling family? Comment below! Id love to hear from you!




Cloth Diapering with Tidy Tots

Whats up with cloth diapering???

All of my pregnancy I was curious about using cloth diapers but ultimately was afraid of the process. I also assumed that RV living, camping and traveling would make cloth diapering even harder. I WAS WRONG!!!!

We have chosen to use a brand called Tidy Tots. Now there are A LOT of cloth diaper choices out there, and when you are choosing I would suggest really digging into the claims and characteristics of all the different types and what they offer.


First off Tidy Tots has some awards which I think are a great place to start!

  • They hold the “Mom’s Choice Award” in excellence
  • Baby Maternity Magazine voted them best and most eco friendly product of 2018
  • Baby Maternity also voted them best product choice in 2017

After using them I can totally get behind these claims. WHY?

I think mainly because of the flushable liner. Now if your new to cloth diapering and are like whats she talking about, Im about to explain.

The organic diaper is protected by a ” Flushie” liner and snaps right into the hard working cover. Flushies contain the mess so you can just flush it all away in the toilet. It’s simple and convenient. This feature for me totally takes the ick out of cloth diapering!!!!

Another claim they make is that their diapers reduce diaper rash because the liner is made with cornstarch which is a natural skin soother. Well they were right, we struggled with diaper rash basically until we switched, but now Judes bum is soft, smooth and totally rash free.

Lastly, the washing is simple and quick. The liner takes most of the hit, so I just put all the diapers in the provided washbag and throw them in the washer on sanitize and thats it!


We have taken them camping, hiking, long drives and just about anywhere your baby could go with you! ahaha

Cloth Diapering at 8,000 feet 

Check out this video ^^^^ for actual footage of us hiking with Tidy Tots!!

If you are interested in trying out Tidy Tots, use my code JUDE at checkout for 15% off your Essential set order. This is a great value and I cant say enough good things! These diapers are a total game changer and have saved our family already hundreds of dollars.

****The last thing I want to mention about this company is how they operate. They employ people with special needs to manufacture their product!!! Is that not the coolest thing you’ve ever heard?? When you purchase Tidy Tots, individuals who might not otherwise have jobs get to use their hands, work, and feel like they are included in our societies work force. I truly salute this brand for such an amazing manufacturing platform.

More Info on Tidy Tots


Thanks, xoxoxo

-B @NewFamily Dream


10 Reasons to visit Astoria, Oregon

We recently day tripped to Astoria, Oregon and my only regret was not staying longer.
Usually on our trips I do a lot of research and make a list of sights to see and places to go, but this time we decided winging it might be fun!
Here are my ten absolute musts for your trip
1. Stop for SAKE on your drive- if your coming from Portland, Oregon
Though we hit the road early in the morning, we figured its never too early for SAKE. We made a quick stop at Sake One The nice thing about going early was we were the only people in the tasting room. The tasting room attendant was extremely knowledgeable and helpful. We each got to taste six hefty portions of sake according to our taste palette we provided him with. The tasting also was only 5 bucks! It was a total score, and totally worth the minor detour. If you stop by later in the day, enjoy your sake on the quiet and sunny patio. Maybe even take a bottle home with you!
2. Fort Stevens
This state park is filled with trails, rock ledges, and an expansive beach for exploring. You can even drive on it! I LOVE drive on beaches- mostly because you don’t have to pack anything in or out!! We walked along the main beach where kids were wildly running through puddles along the shore and using a massive ship wreck as a jungle gym. After relaxing for a bit, we drove a little further into the park and spent a good chunk of time at the South Jetty. We ate a packed lunch on top the rocks, and strolled aimlessly around where the ocean meets the river. After being in the sun all morning, we were ready to head into town and explore.
3. Walk the boardwalk
 Upon arriving into town, we were hot and read for a drink. We decided to walk down the old fashioned boardwalk which lines itself parallel to the Columbia River. As massive ships pass by, you cant help but be content in just watching it all. As we walked along the river we noticed a brewery booming with business and figured that would be the spot!
4. Brew with a view   (Buoy Brewing Co.)
Buoy brewing is your standard brew pub with a more seaside vibe. The atmosphere was bright and cheery, and their beers have unique and refreshing flavors. The real seller here though is the view. Massive windows back the bar, and as we sat on stools and cooled off we stared off into the water and leisurely decided what to do next. In any town you go to, always ASK THE LOCALS. We motioned over the bartender and asked her where we needed to go to get the freshest and most superb seafood. She told us where we absolutely HAD to go. After a quick google search, we realized the seafood joint was closing in just thirty minutes. We chugged our beers-literally, and ran across the boardwalk over to car and headed to by far the best seafood experience I’ve had in Oregon.
5. Northwest Wild Products
So as the story continues we rushed to what looked like an empty parking lot. We were sure we followed the bartenders instructions. We decided to each go a different direction and sure enough, around the back side of the pier was a small little shack with a small little door and a no frills sign, reading “fresh seafood.” Don’t let the simplicity of this place fool you. Ron the owner, a local fisherman brings his freshest finds and cooks up pretty much anything you want.  We went with razor clams on a stick, clam chowder, and a big ol bowl of steamers. People with amazing food in hand, and giant picnic tables line the back of the boat dock. Eating this food, under the bridge, in the coziest of docks couldn’t have been a more perfect moment. If you only do one thing in Astoria, Oregon-go to Northwest Wild Products, and remember to order clams on a stick!!!!!
IMG_2937.jpeg     13082522_10153449899900863_7500188539911168481_n.jpg13092013_10153449910380863_7929635775818371449_n.jpg
6. The Town
Quaint but cute is how I would describe the small shops and few downtown streets. Quirky bookstores and knick knack shops were among my favorite.
7. Visit The Sea Lions
We could have spent the rest of our night here, literally. Dozens and dozens of sea lions lay loudly at Pier 39. As we watched and snapped photos, we had the most wonderful time studying these creatures, and laughing as they flopped each other around and loudly let everyone know they were there and there to stay. DO NOT GO TO ASTORIA without visiting this pier. A true wildlife encounter that will leave you smiling and in awe.
8. Astoria Column
As the sun began to set over the sea lions we had about fifteen minutes to catch the sunset from what another bartender told us was the best view in town. We winded up the hill and parked in front of a massive column. We did not want to miss the sunset up top, so we booked it up 164 steps and walked out onto the viewing deck. Large enough to hold only about twenty people comfortably, we almost had the whole thing to ourselves. The views spanned 360 degrees and left you feeling like you were melting right into the sunset as it slowly drifted down into the coastline. What a jaw dropping end to our day.  The views from the bottom are gorgeous but if you’ve made the journey there, definitely go up top. very worth the haul.
9. Grab coffee on your way home!
Before hitting the road we figured we could use a pick me up for the drive back to Portland. We were so warmed by Astoria Coffee House and Bistro. We got there pretty close to closing time, meaning coffee most likely wasn’t just brewed, and they gave it to us for FREE! Adorable little seats line the outside of the shop and open doors allows indoor/outdoor seating. What an adorable little spot.  Make sure to unwind from your big day here.
10. The Goonies House, IF YOU DARE!!!
As most people know, Astoria, Oregon holds the house from the movies the Goonies. Driving up to see the house can be risky. The current owner DOES not like people peeping her house- as the locals told us. We decided to dive by anyway, the driveway looked tempting, but we got spooked and didn’t want to ruffle any feathers. Maybe you wont be as chicken as we were, and you’ll scope it out.
Well thats all I got! Happy Travels


Black and Blue Scones

Sunday is always my favorite day to bake. Its slow going, and I usually have nowhere to be. I love when baking feels relaxed. Light a seasonal candle, make a whole pot of french press to myself and start baking, with not a care in the world as to when I finish. This is the leisure my friends.
These scones are the perfect consistency and are literally gorgeous in color.
1 cup butter
1 egg
tsp of salt
1 cup sour cream
1 tsp of baking soda
4 cups of flour
1 cup of white sugar
1/2 cup of blueberries
1/2 cup of blackberries
Preheat to 350 degrees
In a bowl mix the sour cream and baking soda. It will start to get really fluffy and airy as it is mixed.
In another bowl add your flour, sugar, and baking powder and salt together.
Now comes the hard part, cut in the butter with a pastry cutter or as I do it with my hands. This is the key to the light and fluffy consistency that makes these scones as amazing as they are.
I actually set a timer and kneed this dough for at least 20 minutes. Not gunna lie, my arms are usually dying by this time, but I just throw on an episode on netflix and kneed away. Its totally worth the pain in the end;)
Once you finished your workout, beat the one egg and add to dough
Then add sour cream mixture and gently fold in
Finally add in your fruit and feel free to mix in with force.
I out the fruit in the center of the dough on my counter coated with flour and press the berries into the dough. The colors start to bleed and the berries start to fall apart.
Make three circles of dough and cut into slices of six.
Place on a greased baking sheet and pop them in for 16-20 minutes. I find that exactly 16 minutes is the perfect brown, but all ovens are different!
Enjoy with someone sweet:)


RV Tour

This is our motorhome, named “The Breeze.” It’s a work in progress, but we really really love this space overall and cannot imagine anything else feeling more like home. It’s surprisingly a lot of space, especially with the double bump out in the main living area.
Originally when shopping I was totally fine with one bump, but now having two I am SO glad we have it. It will be really nice with kids to have an open space to play with toys and its also a really great place for me to do yoga!
LIVING ROOM; As seen in the video I hate the green couch. It’s so dated and the cushions are pretty sunken in. I really hope to redo this space with just a comfy chair, and maybe a space for some toys. I would really love this space to be opened up. Realistically we do not NEED two couches….. It has been really useful with guests, however we have the one pull out on the white couch and we have a big blow up mattress that can easily be placed in the living room if we really need another bed. Hopefully in the next few months we will pull the trigger on getting rid of the couch. The white leather couch I did not like in the beginning however with rain and mud and the dog it has been a life saver. A quick wipe with some cleaner and boom its done. It’s so easy to clean!! I have totally changed my opinion on leather;) Our rug makes the living space REALLY homey. It’s originally a target rug that I found at goodwill for $35 which was a steal!!! Having tile floors throughout the RV is awesome and easy to clean, but an area rug makes the living room softer and more cozy.
KITCHEN/DINING; I think this area is the most important when choosing an RV. We spend so much time doing dishes, cooking, prepping, working at the table…etc. The only thing we added to the kitchen was the island and it was our most used purchase to date. It’s SO functional and it easily slides up against the stove area when the slides are in. We purchased the island at IKEA. The other side of the kitchen is the dining area which I’m almost 100% positive is the next renovation project. I REALLY dislike the built in table and cabinetry. We are going to get through the first few months of a newborn and then start back up on the renovations as soon as things settle down.
BATHROOM RENO; This was an extremely budget friendly renovation. We just focused on a few cosmetic basics and with a few small touches it looks like a totally new space! This was the main project this week as you may have seen, and it was a hot mess, which is very US. We wing it a lot, and in return that causes problems haha. Anyway, we took out the upper part of the vanity and light fixture which was mostly easy with the exception of Danny piercing a hole in the ceiling by accident. Then it was onto the sanding, priming and painting. We used KILZ oil based primer and Valspar Reserve extra heavy paint.
Painting was pretty easy considering how small the space is. In place of the old vanity mirror we got a smaller one from Target. I like having more white wall space exposed because it makes it way brighter. Under the vanity we added peel and stick tiles that I ordered off of amazon for $25. They were super easy to apply- just make sure you measure!
We removed the center strip that runs down the center of the wall so the tiles wouldn’t have a bump behind them and that was it! This was a pretty easy aesthetic upgrade and if you don’t want plain white there are plenty of different color and patterned options online. The hung pictures are my favorite part of this area. We have been exploring the seven wonders of Oregon ever since we met and a while ago I started to collect these postcards. We have five out of the seven and I seriously love how they look. The frames were .99 cents at IKEA and are fastened with command strips which work great for any RV wall and keeps frames from moving when driving. We use them throughout our entire RV. The sink portion we will most likely swap out here in the near future. It’s a bit bulky!!!
IMG_3420.jpeg     IMG_3571.jpeg
COMMODE; Ugly, ugly, ugly. HAHAHA not too much to say about this space except for the fact that its functional and the toilet works. All that really matters for now I suppose. Looking forward to someday gutting it and making it fun with some crazy wallpaper??
BEDROOM; I love our bedroom, its so darn cozy!! Having a space to unwind and snuggle up is important in any home. We took off all the window boxes, took out the old headboard, and removed the bed side lamps. We made our headboard with Annie Sloan Chalk paint and we are REALLY happy with how it turned out. We also removed the dresser vanity opposite the bed to make room for a mini crib. This crib is pretty small in comparison to a normal size crib, but it perfectly fits this space leaving just enough room to walk through.
The last update/addition to the bedroom was our washer/dryer combo~ that yes we could get by without, but with a baby we thought it would be a really nice time saver. Time spent at the laundry mat can really add up. We were gifted from Danny’s parents this LG combo. After trying it out we were super pleased with how quiet it was and how well it worked. Our clothes took two and half hours to wash and then dry. It has all the settings that a normal washer and dryer would have which is awesome. I assume if we wash towels and sheets the dry cycle will take closer to the estimated three to three in a half hours that it states in the manual.
The spin cycle did shake the slides a bit, but was fairly minimal and only lasted maybe two or three minutes in total. Like I stated before it is extremely quiet even during the spin cycle which was something I was worried about. We did place anti vibration pads on the bottom to reduce the shaking. Overall this is a very expensive addition, but we feel it will serve us well as a traveling family and give us more time spent together.
IMG_3598.jpegIMG_2700.JPG    IMG_3606.JPG
 That’s  pretty much the whole RV. Do you have any specific questions on anything you read or saw?? Please reach out. As we are figuring out full time RV life we would love to help other people maneuver it as well. It definitely has its quirks and learning curves. Comment below, or reach out to us on instagram @newfamilydream


Who, What, Where, When and WHY

Hey ya’ll so this first post is a brief introduction and pretty much sums up the basics of what we are doing and why we are doing it! Alongside this blog we have corresponding youtube vlogs and videos- so make sure to check those out as well!!


Who: We are Danny and Britty. Danny is a goofy, energetic and the DREAMER of the relationship. Britty is creative, giggly, and the LOGISTICS. Gotta have balance. Together we made a baby 🙂 His name is Jude and he is the happiest five month old around. He’s hooked on the boob, rolling over like mad, and really likes to listen to the “Jitterbug,” which we’ve coined as the “Jude Bug.” Last but certainly not least is Wy, East. She was what at first made us a family. She is our two year old German Shepherd and she is REALLY REALLY good about 50 % of the time. HAHHAHAA jk, she’s amazing, but high energy and has a mind of her own 😉 Just like her parents I suppose…..

What: We have decided to live in our RV FULL TIME, while pursing a life of full time travel. We really wanna give Jude and any future littles an immersive style of education and living. We believe through travel our family can gain more experiences, collect less things and learn to appreciate all types and walks of life.


Where: We decided that our motto is “the world is our home.” We plan on tackling the entire US and then hopefully the whole world!!

When: With baby Jude we have currently traveled to 27 states and we will picking up
where we left off very soon.


Why: Danny and I are very passionate about raising our family on the road.We also feel there is great importance in understanding the different places of our country and eventually world.  Our goal is to fully immerse ourselves in the different cultures we experience as well as teach our son about all the different walks of life. We plan to give back to the communities we visit by volunteering and striving to understand the needs of the areas we visit. We hope to leave a place better than we found it. Spreading light and positivity is something we want Jude to grow up practicing. Come along for the ride, we are happy your are here!