Danny Murawinski

 Business Consultant

Creator | Entrepreneur | Digital Marketer | SEO | SEM | Consultant | Coach

Danny Murawinski | Business Consultant
Danny Murawinski is an Incredibly Versatile Business Consultant. He is an Entrepreneur, Creator, Digital Marketer, Coach, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Expert, Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Expert, and Social Media Marketing (SMM) Expert.

What does a Professional Snowboard Coach, a Biologist, a Content Creator, a Digital Marketer, Entrepreneur, and a SEO/SEM Expert have in common? Just ask Danny Murawinski.

To understand just how all of these things listed above relate, we have to take a walk through Danny Murawinski’s journey through his adult life.

Danny went to college at James Madison University where he earned his Bachelor of Science in Biology with a Concentration in Ecology and Environmental Science. During his undergrad, Danny performed 4 years of undergraduate research where he Co-authored Professional Publications  , traveled to International Conferences , and was Awarded a NSF Grant for his ability to perform high level of quantitative biological research through the use of multivariate statistics.

Danny Murawinski

During this time Danny was also pursuing a career as a professional snowboard coach. Danny Published Articles,  earned many certifications, was recognized as an Emerging Leader in the sport, and went on to start his own company. After 12 years of coaching snowboarding, Danny retired from Coaching for a living to pursue his passion in the digital space.

Danny Murawinski | Professional Snowboard Coach

Danny worked with the USA’s top digital marketing agency; Logical Position, whom recently won Google’s “Growing Businesses Online” Award.  During his tenure their Danny earned his Google Ads Certification, as well as, consulted many business on their digital marketing, SEM, and SEO strategies. Danny left the company on great terms and has many references from there.

Danny and his family also founded New Family Dream. New Family Dream addresses the dream that many share, to travel the world and provide an immersive education to their family. Danny is responsible for New Family Dreams Video Production and Post Production for their YouTube Channel.

New Family Dream | Danny Murawinski

In pursuit of their dreams, Danny has turned to helping others achieve their own professional and personal goals. Danny has built websites for clients, and has consulted businesses on content creation.

Danny Murawinski | Consultant

When you combine Danny’s experiences you get not only a entrepreneur rooted in the scientific method, but an effective coach who not only draws from his extensive experiences, but can deliver sequential coaching to bring people and businesses to their highest potentials.

To contact Danny to help with your projects both Professional and Personal please fill out the form below and he will contact you.